Social Studies

Class IX – Social Studies

The Social Science content is drawn from Geography, History, Political Science and Economics. Elements of Sociology and Commerce are also included to an extent. These subjects together provide a detailed over view of the society, space& time, and inter-alia their relations. Each subject’s distinct methods of enquiry help the learners understand society from different angles and from a holistic point of view. All subjects are taken up in depth and separately at Study Studio Learning Centre.

Coaching/Program Objectives

  • To develop an understanding of the processes of change and development-both in terms of time and space, through which human societies have evolved.
  • To make students realize that the process of change is continuous and events, phenomenon or issue can’t be viewed in isolation but in a wider context of time &space.
  • To develop an understanding of contemporary India with historical perspective,  framework of goals and policies of national development modern India, and process of change with appropriate connections to world development.
  • To deepen knowledge about and understanding of India’s freedom struggle and of the values and ideals that it represented, and to develop an appreciation of the contributions made by people of all sections and regions of the country.
  • To help pupils acquire knowledge, skills and understanding to face the challenges of contemporary society as individuals and groups and learn the art of living a confident and stress-free life as well as participating effectively in the community
  • To develop academic and social skills such as critical thinking, communicating effectively both in visual and verbal forms- cooperating with others, taking initiatives and providing leadership in solving others’ problems
  • To develop qualities clustered around the personal, social, moral, national and spiritual values that make a person humane and socially effective.