About Us

Study Studio is an Idea to see and focus beyond the basic concepts & facts of tutoring in India with a clear Vision to “Learn, Understand & Succeed”.  

The entire concept of STUDY STUDIO has been visualized by a team of experts lead by Atul Mathur. We are “ One of a Kind of a Learning Centre” where in the student in his formative years undergoes a Pedagogy based on Adaptive and Experiential whereby the “DEMONS OF THE MIND” are overcome and he reaches the peak of Academic and Personal Growth.

It is imperative to allay the fears that Holistic Development of a Student is the prime focal point and attaining marks based success in the annual examination process is a natural part of the student’s progression curve.

The Mission of the team lead by Mr.Mathur is to be North India’s biggest Student Learning and Training Facility within the next 3 Years.

The idea behind creating these unique learning Centres stems from the fact that the student’s academic needs has to be structured in a manner that it leads to a Holistic development of the child

It has been observed that the way a student’s academic needs are catered to by private/organized tuition Centres, the student has become a “SLAVE OF BOOKS RATHER THAN BEING THE MASTER OF THESE BOOKS”. Unfortunately, extreme dependence on ROTE LEARNING and LACK OF INNOVATION in teaching has seriously contributed to the student losing interest in the subject and has made him Mechanical in his academic approach.

As the Training and Teaching methodology in the country needs to go through a PARADIGM SHIFT, we at STUDY STUDIO have decided to embark on this journey and train the students from the perspective of being a Mentor, Motivator and an Academic Facilitator.

At STUDY STUDIO our primary focus is to shape up a student’s learning with the philosophy of not only creating an Eco-System whereby he secures not only exceptional marks in his School/Board Examinations but also gathers in depth knowledge about the subject. For this purpose, our extremely qualified Facilitators shall train the students in a manner akin to the international benchmarks of Mentorship and Guidance.