Study Studio is an idea to see and focus beyond the basic concepts & facts. Nowadays, the students have become “SLAVE OF BOOKS RATHER THAN BEING THE MASTER OF THESE BOOKS”. Here at Study Studio we believe in holistic development and hence our teaching methodology is different and unique. We believe in both practical as well as theoretical knowledge. Study Studio provides a bouquet of courses under one roof – Coaching VI to XII, All Competitive Exam Preparation’s, Basic & Advance Computer Courses, Animation & Multimedia Courses, Travel & Tourism Courses, Aviation & Hospitality Courses and Spoken English & Personality Development. It is necessary to develop and nurture a kid at young age for proper growth & development, hence we have specially designed few courses for the age group of 4 to 14 – Abacus, Vedic Maths, English Grammar & Spoken English. (Read More)


Atul Mathur

Passion indeed is the pre-requisite for anything good & successful we want to do in our life. At Study Studio, we are passionate to nurture individual’s knowledge, talent and skills to help them continue with their passion. The unique structuring of Study Studio with multiple education verticals makes it one of the most sought after premium educational institute. As the Training and Teaching methodology in the country needs to go through a PARADIGM SHIFT, we at Study Studio have decided to embark on this journey and train the students from the perspective of being a Mentor, Motivator and an Academic Facilitator. For holistic development, our extremely qualified Facilitators shall train the students in a manner akin to the international benchmarks of Mentorship and Guidance. (Read More)

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